Pitch Luxury Camping @ BushTime Woodfordia

We are super excited with  the release of Bushtime Christmas edition, as we will be offering our glamping tent services at the Woodfordia Bushtime experience throughout the upcoming Christmas school holidays 2020.  Our furnished 5 meter bell tents can comfortably sleep up to 5 guests and will be ready on arrival alongside lighting, furnishings and towels.

Bedding configurations do not effect pricing and below  are the configurations available in our per tent pricing model.

  • A family group of  up to 5 in queen and single beds.
  • A group of up to 5 friends in single bedding.
  •  A romantic couple’s queen bed tent.
  • A dual queen bed tent.

The cost to booking our Glamping tents has been discounted from our usual rates to promote this Woodfordian event and will be $250 (includes GST) per night per tent.  

Bushtime Glamping Packages

Glamping Option 1:
Camp 1.  (4 nights)  

12th – 15th Dec

Price $1000

Glamping Option 2:
Camp 2. (3 nights)

18th – 20th Dec

Price $750

Glamping Option 3:
Camp 1 & 2 (9 nights)

12th – 20th Dec

Price $2000

Glamping  Option 4
(Woodford Folk Festival Week):

Camp 3 (6 nights)

27th Dec – 1st Jan

Price $1500

Glamping Option 5:
Camp 4 (5 nights)

9th – 13th Jan

Price $1250
*A full refund policy will stand if Covid government restrictions come into play cancelling the event. Otherwise any other payments made to Pitch Luxury Camping will be transferable to another date if notified 48 hrs prior to the event starting.

We will be working with organisers over the coming weeks regards to additional chill out and dining spaces that fit within the government covid safety plan but at this stage a communal camp kitchen won’t be in place.

We look forward to hearing from you soon to ensure you don’t miss out on our Glamping at Bushtime at Woodfordia 2020/21.  Feel free to contact us if you have any further enquiries.


“This is the second time we have booked with Pitch Luxury Camping and we love it.  We are certainly not hardcore campers so having the tent ready to go when we arrive and not having to worry about packing away is particularly appealing.  The tent is extremely welcoming and feels very homely, the kids love it and we always recommend to others and look forward to booking again next year. Thanks for the great service.” Paul F.



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